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Cyclovarin – Pack Of 2 (75 + 75 Capsules)

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A non-hormonal approach, Cyclovarin contains a combination of ayurvedic herbs and medicines to help relieve gynaecological pains and corrects irregular menstrual cycle in women.

  • Helps in balancing irregular periods
  • Provides relief from cramps
  • 100% vegetarian capsules
  • No Side Effects
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Cyclovarin balances and corrects the irregular menstrual cycle in women. It contains ayurvedic herbs such as Hemapushpa, which regularizes menstrual periods, Yoshini & Shabara which alleviates gynaecological problems. Relieving gynaecological pains and restoring natural functions in a woman’s body is an important part of the medication.


  • Stimulates ovaries & endometrial function
  • Corrects menstrual irregularities, both acute & chronic
  • Reduce endometrial congestion
  • Improve ischemia
  • Promote healing of erosion
  • Prevent iron deficiency
  • Relax, regularize & synchronise myometrial contraction.

The full course of the therapy, comprising 300 capsules, can be initiated from any day for it does not interfere with the onset of menstruation and is to be continued with interruption as suggested. On the onset of menstrual bleeding, the therapy is to be interrupted for 3 days and resumed from the fourth. If the bleeding is found to be profuse, the therapy may be resumed immediately. In the case of sub-fertility, a therapy of 3-6 months with interruptions as suggested above is recommended. If amenorrhoea occurs during the course of therapy, it should be discontinued and the patient is to be tested for pregnancy.

Each capsule contains:

  • Extracts of Hempushpa Bark – 1.15 g
  • Yoshini Root – 1.15 g, Shabara Bark – 1.15 g
  • Powder of Mocha Nirjasha – Gum 25.0 mg,
  • Raktapushpa – Root 25.0 mg, Majuphal -Gall 25.0 mg,
  • Dhatriphalam – Fruit 25.0 mg, Raktasandak -Rhizome 25.0 mg,
  • Tamrapushpi  – Flower 25.0 mg, Mustaka – Rhizome 12.5 mg,
  • Madhura – Fruit 12.5 mg, Rasayani – Stem 12.5 mg, Lauha Bhasma 25.0 mg

Packing: Plastic containers of 75 capsules

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