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Kafbin Cough Syrup – Pack of 3 (3 X 100 ml)

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Capable of curing different forms of cough like dry cough, recurrent cough or cough with bronchospasm, Kafbin is an effective ayurvedic medicine which helps to keep the respiratory tract healthy and provides quick relief from throat irritation

  • Soothes throat and reduces inflammation
  • Helps to manage congestion of the chest
  • Natural ingredients provide quick and effective action

Suitable for all age groups

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Kafbin is an effective ayurvedic medicine which contains Yashtimadhu which keeps the respiratory tract healthy, Bahera which helps in the treatment of respiratory problems like asthma, and other such natural ingredients.

It cures different forms of cough like dry, productive cough, cough with bronchospasm or recurrent cough. This ayurvedic treatment will help you get fast relief against cough and throat irritation.

Suitable for all age groups including children. Safe for use during pregnancy.


  • Soothes throat
  • Suppresses pharyngeal irritation
  • Reduces inflammation, mucosal congestion
  • Liquefies thick sputum
  • Promotes mucociliary transport & expectoration
  • Relieves bronchial spasms
  • Prophylactic against recurrent attacks of the common cold


  • Adult: 2 tsp. (10 ml) twice daily
  • Children: 1 tsp. (5 ml) twice daily or as directed by the physician.

Each 5 ml contains extracts of

  • Bashika – Leaf 250 mg, Vargi – Root 250 mg, Kantakini – Whole plant 250 mg,
  • Bibhitaki – Fruit 125 mg, Puskar – Root 200 mg, Chakra -Gall 150 mg, Madhuka – Root 200 mg,
  • Krishna – Fruit 100 mg, Ushana – Fruit 50 mg, Shunthi – Rhizome 50 mg.
  • Sweetener: Saccharin Sodium IP

Packing: Phials 100 ml

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