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Trulip- Pack of 2 (60 tablets each)

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Trulip is a 100% vegetarian capsule consisting of ayurvedic ingredients which help to maintain blood cholesterol within normal limits, which can better free fatty acid levels in the body. It also helps in preventing oxidative damage to the heart, better stabilizing blood pressure.

  • Helps maintain blood cholesterol levels
  • Assists in stabilizing blood pressure by lowering triglyceride levels
  • 100% vegetarian tablets
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Trulip helps improve your cholesterol levels for a healthy heart. It consists of ayurvedic ingredients like Shuddha Guggul which helps to maintain blood cholesterol within normal limits and may lower triglyceride levels that inhibit the oxidation of LDL along with increasing HDL in our body. As a cardio supportive, it also better stabilizes blood pressure.

The active compound Guggulsterone can increase bile acid & bile salt secretion and may block a nuclear hormone receptor that regulates cholesterol metabolism.

Trulip helps:

  • To maintain blood cholesterol levels within their normal limits
  • To preserve cardiovascular functions.
  • In the management of raised lipid levels and complications.
  • In maintaining healthy cardiovascular functions.


  • Please avoid in case of allergies to any of the ingredients

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