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Cyclovarin – Pack Of 2 (75 + 75 capsules each)

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A non-hormonal approach, Cyclovarin contains a combination of ayurvedic herbs to help relieve gynecological pains and help correct irregular menstrual cycles in women.

> Helps in balancing irregular periods.
> Provides relief from cramps.
> 100% vegetarian capsules.
> No side effects were reported.

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Cyclovarin helps to balance and correct the irregular menstrual cycle in women. It contains ayurvedic herbs which regularize menstrual periods and alleviate gynecological problems. Relieving gynecological pains and restoring natural functions in a woman’s body is an important part of this remedy.

> Stimulates ovaries & endometrial function.
> Corrects menstrual irregularities, both acute & chronic.
> Reduce endometrial congestion.
> Improve ischemia.
> Promote healing of erosion.
> Prevent iron deficiency.
> Relax, regularize & synchronize myometrial contraction.

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